Reactive Rover & Reactive Rover 2.0


Next Class Starting May 2019


Class Description

Reactive Rover

Does your normally sweet, loving canine companion turn into Cujo at the sight of another dog while on leash? Do you find yourself limiting outings or taking walks in the middle of the night to avoid a scene? If so, this class is for you. Our Reactive Rover class is designed to help you with the very common problem of leash reactivity.

This class gives owners the tools to manage and train appropriate behaviors for dogs that lunge, bark, growl, or become excessively excited about other dogs while on leash. This class does not work on any off-leash aggression issues or progress to on leash interactions among dogs. Class size is small so you get lots of individual instruction, building your confidence in a controlled environment and setting you and your dog on the path for successful walks in the real world.

Your dog’s success in this class depends on your ability to attend class and practice the exercises between classes, manage the dog’s environment and refrain from using aversive or punitive training techniques that might confuse the dog.  Praise, touch, play and food can all be used as reinforcement in our classes. Prong collars, choke chains, shock collars, spray collars, retractable leashes or aversive equipment or training techniques cannot be used in our classes and will seriously impede your dog’s success. The first class is without dogs.

Reactive Rover 2.0

This class is for people who have already taken the Reactive Rover class who want more practice walking their dogs in a controlled setting. We will practice in the gym and outdoors.