Basic Manners


Mandatory People-Only Orientation
Monday July 8th, 2019
6-8 pm

Class Times
Mondays 6:15-7:15 pm
July 15 – August 12
Mondays 7:30-8:30 pm
July 15 – August 12

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Class Description

Whether you have a six-month-old pup that just finished Puppy Kindergarten or a newly adopted adult dog, Basic Manners will help you and your canine friend strengthen your relationship. We’ll teach you the most effective training techniques to help your dog learn practical obedience skills.

You’ll teach him to sit, stay, come, lie down, pay attention, behave on leash, greet people politely, and wait for permission at doors and mealtime. We’ll also cover ways to prevent common problems such as chewing, jumping up and boredom barking. No matter what your dog’s previous training level, this class will help him gain confidence and build trust in you and other family members.

Basic Manners is for friendly, socialized dogs at least 18 weeks old, with little or no previous formal training. Basic Manners is also a great start for that adorable “rescue” dog you just adopted.

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Class Time

Mondays 6:15-7:15 pm, Mondays 7:30-8:30 pm