cat boarding

Cat Boarding

Cascade Pet Camp’s customized cat cabins make even the most discriminating felines feel right at home. Completely separate from the dog areas, our quiet, just-for-cat quarters provide kitty campers a secure, cheerful and mentally stimulating indoor environment. Each cat (or multi-cat family) takes turns exploring our spacious kitty playroom, equipped with toys, climbing trees, and plush perches.

Natural lighting and outdoor views—including a bird feeder by the window—offer entertainment and mental stimulation. Meanwhile, large interior windows give cat campers a view of the lobby, so they can keep a close eye on our counselors at work checking campers in and out. And every kitty camper has a chance to soak up lots of attention during regular visits from Camp Counselors.

Individual cat cabins feature separate sleeping and potty areas (filled with bio-degradable, corn-based litter), plus a living room furnished with a perch for napping or just hanging out. Individual ventilation systems ensure healthy, fresh air. Meals can be served up to three times daily or left out at all times, depending on your preferences. You can also choose to pamper your cat with additional TLC from a Counselor. Just ask for our add-on Cat Cuddles activity when you make your reservation.

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