Cascade Pet Camp Dog Play

Camp Activities

Pet care industry research and our own experience at Cascade Pet Camp tell us the more activity and human interaction pets receive, the happier and healthier they are. And, because dogs and cats are so routine-based, they enjoy the most benefit from activities that happen every day. We’ve found that involving our campers in daily activities, especially on arrival day, helps them settle in quickly and have a great camp experience.

When you call to make your pet’s reservation, select from these activity packages:


Spoil ’em Rotten Package – The name says it all

$39.95 (18% discount)

  • Three camp activities
  • Evening tuck-in with a bedtime story
  • Choice of treat
  • Cabin or patio cabin upgrade (if available)
Happy Camper Package –  Our most popular activity package

$28.95 (15% discount)

  • Two camp activities
  • Evening tuck-in
  • Choice of treat
Playful Paws Package –  For the less active camper

$17.95 (10% discount)

  • One camp activity
  • One additional Sniff-n-Piddle break
  • Choice of treat
TLC Package – For dogs needing special care

$39.95 (25% discount)

  • Two “special care” camp activities
  • Additional wellness checks
  • Evening tuck-in with a bedtime story
  • Choice of treat
  • Medication administration
  • Orthopedic bedding upgrade
  • Cabin or patio cabin upgrade (if available)
Perfect Puppy Package* –  For puppies developing healthy habits

$29.95 (40% discount)

  • Two camp activities
  • Three additional puppy potty breaks
  • Evening tuck-in with a bedtime story
  • Chew training treat

*Required for puppies under 6 months old.



A camp counselor gives your dog lots of belly rubs, cuddles and individual attention–just like you would at home.

Buddy Time

Your dog gets lots of exercise playing fetch, tug, frisbee or chase with a camp counselor in our fields or indoor playroom.

Trail Walk

A leashed walk with a camp counselor gives your dog an opportunity to sniff and explore while exercising and enjoying one-on-one attention.

Friends-n-Fun Playgroup

Your dog can join his friends for group play in our fields or indoor playroom, depending on the weather. We assign dogs to groups by size, personality and play style. Groups do not exceed a ratio of 10 campers per camp counselor. Each session lasts 45-60 minutes, depending on the group’s activity level.

Sniff ‘n Piddle Breaks

All campers enjoy three potty breaks throughout the day. For dogs that need extra time outside, ask for additional Sniff ‘n Piddle Breaks.

Puppy Potty Breaks

These supervised, individual 5- to 10-minute potty breaks for puppies are designed to reinforce your house-training. After pups do their business, a camp counselor rewards them with lots of praise and a treat.

Tuck-In and Bedtime Story

At tuck-in time, a camp counselor pampers your dog with lots of hands-on attention while encouraging him to relax and settle down for the evening. If you like, our counselor can also read your dog a bedtime story before turning out the lights and saying good-night.

Cat Cuddles – Especially for Felines

A camp counselor gives your kitty camper plenty of one-on-one, hands-on attention. Cats that like to play will love our, fun, interactive toys to chase and pounce on.