Flexible and Effective Training Options

When it comes to dog training, are you a do-it-yourself person, eager to take classes with your dog and follow up at home? Or would you prefer to have someone do most of the training for you? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

We teach you to train

If you’ve got the time and want to learn to train your own dog, we’ll teach you effective positive training techniques. You’ll enjoy learning right alongside your dog and build a new sense of partnership.

  • Option 1 – Private Lessons
    Customize your dog’s education with weekly one-on-one coaching. From basic manners to advanced obedience and dog sports, whatever you and your dog want to learn, we’ll craft a program to help you master those skills together. Register for private lessons by calling 541-354-2267.
  • Option 2 – Group Classes
    Share the fun of training with other dog lovers in our group classes. We keep class sizes small — no more than eight dog-and-handler teams — to make sure you get plenty of individual attention while still enjoying a social setting. We welcome families and dog handlers of all ages. Learn about upcoming Group Classes.

Or we train for you

If you don’t have enough time or patience to homeschool your dog, let Cascade Pet Camp train your dog for you. We’ll do the work, and you and your pup will enjoy the results!

  • Option 1 – Lodge & Learn
    Board your dog at Cascade Pet Camp and, for an extra fee, add training as a daily activity. Sessions are designed to help your dog learn name attention, door and leash manners, and foundation work for coming when called. CALL 541-354-2267.
  • Option 2 – Camp & Train
    Send your dog to overnight camp for four weeks, where he’ll enjoy a fun balance of training, exercise and socialization. Our customized training program will teach him basic manners and obedience. Plus, he’ll get to participate in daytime playgroups and other appropriate activities. CALL 541-354-2267.