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Health Benefits of Regular Dog Grooming

Regular dog grooming offers more than cosmetic benefits. Well-groomed dogs not only look and smell better — they feel better, too.

  • Careful attention to changes in your pet’s skin, coat, eyes, teeth and nails can help maintain health and prolong life.
  • Regular grooming can help prevent and detect health problems like fleas and ticks, hot spots, and skin diseases.
  • Regular bathing and brushing increase blood flow to the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system, easing itchiness and boosting overall health — much as a massage does for humans.
  • Grooming removes dead hair, dirt and debris, leaving only healthy hair. This allows air to reach the skin, keeping it dry and healthy and reduces odors.
  • A well-groomed coat allows air to circulate through the fur keeping your pet cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Keeping ears clean can prevent ear infections.
  • Cleaning eyes and clipping facial hair can help some dogs see better.
  • Keeping nails short not only protects your floors and furniture, it allows your dog to move properly. Excessively long nails can make walking or even standing painful for your pet and long nails are prone to breakage and bleeding.