Dog Grooming Poodle

Dog Grooming

Regular grooming is more than cosmetic. It’s an important part of pet care that can improve your dog’s skin, coat and quality of life, helping keep her happy, healthy and comfortable.

At Cascade Pet Camp, we believe grooming should be a positive experience. Our groomers take the time needed to gently bathe, brush and massage your dog, providing a relaxing experience. We use only cool-air cage dryers or hand dryers, never dangerous heated cage dryers. For nail trims, we use a grinding tool to shorten nails gradually and painlessly.

Our dog grooming services range from a simple Wash-n-Wear, using all-natural shampoos and conditioners, to a complete, fun-filled day of pampering and playtime. We also offer teeth-brushing, de-shedding, de-fleaing and de-skunking.

We provide dog grooming as both a stand-alone service and an addition to boarding and daycare. Bring us a dirty dog; take home a clean one!