Dog Play Group

Dog Daycare FAQ’s

We recommend that all reservations be made at least a week in advance, although we can usually accommodate campers with shorter notice. For holidays, we recommend at least 1-2 months in advance to ensure availability.
In order for our employees to enjoy some holiday time with their families and to accommodate holiday overnight campers, dog daycare is not available Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, the two days before and the day after these holidays.

With the exception of holidays when our office is completely closed, appointments can usually be scheduled for service outside of our regular hours. Please contact us with your requests. Additional fees apply for all after hour services.

All dogs need to be current on their rabies, Bordetella, and DHLPP vaccinations. Cats need to be current on their FVRCP & FeLV vaccinations. We strongly recommend that all vaccinations be updated at least seven (7) days prior to your pet’s arrival.

It’s recommended that all pets be on a flea and tick preventative. All pets will be inspected for fleas and ticks and matted coat upon arrival. If a pet has fleas or ticks, Cascade Pet Camp will bathe the pet in a flea and tick shampoo and the pet owner will be charged accordingly.

We will make exceptions to our vaccination policy on a case-by-case basis upon the written recommendation of your veterinarian.
If you would like your pet to receive a noontime meal, please bring it in an individual serving bag. For your convenience we offer a variety of special treats for snacks that you can purchase for your pet.
Oral and injectable medications can be administered during your pet’s stay for an additional charge. All medications must be in the original labeled containers. Do not package medications in with your pet’s food.
You are welcome to bring your own bedding from home to put in your dog’s rest area. Please label all bedding and make sure the cover and mattress are both 100% machine washable.
You may bring a couple of your dog’s favorite toys. Please be sure any toys are clearly marked with your dog’s name. Toys should be at least 2 inches in all dimensions so they don’t get accidentally pushed into the drains. Although we do our best to keep track of them, toys do occasionally get misplaced so please don’t send any family keepsakes to camp.
In order to participate in our Friends-n-Fun group activities, dogs must be social with other dogs. Due to recent changes in veterinary recommendations, we no longer require dogs to be spayed or neutered to participate. However, any dog that shows unfriendly behavior towards other dogs or is disruptive to playgroups and females in heat will not be able to participate and an alternative camp activity should be chosen for their stay.
Our playgroups are determined by a dog’s individual needs and personality. Important factors are age, size, weight, temperament and play-style. We use your pet’s profile and ongoing observation to match them with other campers and ensure that everyone is enjoying playgroup.
Absolutely! Not all dogs play nicely with others. It may be fear, unpleasant associations, chronic pain or a behavioral problem. Our activity choices were designed to provide options for all personality types. Be sure to discuss your individual pet’s needs when talking to our reservation specialist.
All of our perimeter fencing is 7′ tall and buried 1′ into the ground; interior fencing is 7′ tall. Several of our potty runs are outfitted with overhangs to prevent climbing escapes. For expert climbers, we have both Patio Cabins and Bunks that are completely covered on top.