At Cascade Pet Camp, we partner with several local organizations to make our community a great place for pets of all kinds. Every now and then, we like to highlight one of those organizations to bring awareness to their cause. This month, we’d like to introduce Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue, a no-kill cat shelter that serves Hood River, Wasco, and Skamania counties.

Adoption Services for Cats

Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue is a non-profit organization made up entirely of volunteers who are dedicated to helping cats in need. They rescue, rehabilitate, and place abandoned cats. They also help neglected and injured cats. The organization offers adoption services for families willing to take in these cats. They also offer low cost, or no cost, spaying and neutering services for feral cats in the area. The volunteers foster many of the homeless cats until they can find forever homes. Over the past several years, Cascade Pet Camp has also fostered a number of these kitties in our cat room until they have been adopted.

Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue started in 2007 when a group of people realized the need to help stray cats who were otherwise neglected by government and private organizations. These people got together and brought awareness to the problem, which helped them recruit a volunteer network to take action. They are now a no-kill shelter dedicated to finding forever homes for homeless cats.

How Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue Works

When a homeless cat is identified, Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue takes the time to rehabilitate the cat so they can be accepted into loving families. Before this can happen, they require all their cats to be spayed or neutered in an effort to reduce euthanasia. They are continually developing new outreach programs designed to recruit adoptive families and to enrich the lives of both the cats and the people in the community.

Throughout their care, CGCR maintains high standards when it comes to the health of each cat. They then provide solutions and resources to educate local families in regard to husbandry, medical and behavioral issues. They do whatever they can to strengthen the human-animal bond that creates great homes for their cats.

Because they are a non-profit organization, they receive no government funding, which means they must rely entirely on the support of the public and their volunteers. To find out more about Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue and to learn how you can help cats in need, head to their website at