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10 Tips for Creating Pet-Friendly Yards

2017-04-26T14:51:29-07:00April 15th, 2017|

Dogs love their outside time, and we love our dogs, so why not turn your yard into a puppy paradise? Here are 10 ways to create a safe and stimulating exterior environment for your favorite Fido. Keep would-be roamers at home. Loose dogs face a world of dangers, so prevent your pup from escaping from [...]

Why Train Dogs With Reward Markers

2016-10-10T15:00:09-07:00October 10th, 2016|

Sometimes anticipating a special gift is as much fun as opening it. That’s the way our dogs feel when we use reward markers (specific words or sounds) to let them know they’ve just earned a treat. That's why we use reward markers to train dogs at Cascade Pet Camp. Dogs naturally respond to all kinds of [...]

Prevent Your Dog From Getting Heat Stroke

2016-08-04T10:45:05-07:00August 4th, 2016|

In hot climates, dogs are as vulnerable as humans when it comes to suffering from heat exhaustion, which can lead to permanent organ damage or death from heat stroke. While humans have an excellent temperature regulatory system (cooling their bodies by sweating), dog's don't sweat to cool off. Their main methods for temperature regulation are [...]

How to Choose a Great Pet Care Facility

2018-03-18T14:22:56-07:00May 3rd, 2016|

How do you find someone you can really trust to keep your furry family members safe, healthy and happy while you’re out of town?  You’ve got more pet care options than ever—from well-meaning neighbors, to pet sitters stopping by your house once or twice a day, to mom-and-pop backyard kennels, to professional boarding facilities like [...]

Tips for Protecting Your Dog Against Lyme Disease

2018-03-18T14:22:56-07:00April 1st, 2016|

Spring's warmer days bring more opportunities for hikes and outdoor adventures with our dogs. But it's also the time of year that ticks reappear, bringing with them an increased risk of Lyme Disease. Even a few seconds in the weeds and brush could be long enough for a pup to pick up a deer tick, that [...]

Drawbacks and Dangers of Dominance-Based Dog Training

2018-03-18T14:22:57-07:00March 8th, 2016|

In my last post, I gave you the real facts about the popular, but entirely mythological, “dominance theory” of dog behavior. I explained that dogs aren’t really pack animals; they aren’t out to dominate anyone; and they respond much better to positive incentives than they do to intimidation and harsh treatment. Here’s the rest of [...]

Debunking the Dominance Myth

2018-03-18T14:22:57-07:00February 8th, 2016|

It happens all the time in my work as a professional dog trainer. I seldom finish a day at Cascade Pet Camp without hearing someone mention the words “dominance” or “alpha” in a conversation. I’m talking about the widespread idea that dogs are pack animals programmed to fight for leadership and either emerge victorious or submit [...]

Studies Shed New Light on Spay and Neuter Recommendations

2016-06-27T21:37:30-07:00January 11th, 2016|

Science is always uncovering new knowledge, so it’s not unusual to find out that yesterday’s recommendations weren’t really the best advice after all. That non-fat, low-cholesterol diet we all thought was good for our health, for instance? Yeah, well, not so much, as it turns out. It’s the same with our pets. For decades, vets recommended that pets be spayed and [...]

Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue

2018-03-18T14:22:57-07:00December 5th, 2015|

At Cascade Pet Camp, we partner with several local organizations to make our community a great place for pets of all kinds. Every now and then, we like to highlight one of those organizations to bring awareness to their cause. This month, we’d like to introduce Columbia Gorge Cat Rescue, a no-kill cat shelter that [...]

Help Your Pets Stay Healthy This Cold and Flu Season

2016-06-27T22:11:36-07:00November 15th, 2015|

You likely know that winter is cold and flu season for humans, but did you also know that our canine companions get colds, too? Canine cough, or tracheobronchitis (often improperly referred to as kennel cough), is a contagious, upper-respiratory disease most often passed from dog to dog through airborne droplets produced by sneezing and coughing. [...]

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