Meet Our Team

Laura Spinney

Laura Spinney, Client & Camper Services Manager

As Client and Camper Services Manager, Laura oversees the daily care of all our pet campers and their parents. She’s an experienced vet tech and studied avian endocrinology at Princeton. Laura still loves birdwatching and counts her trusty Leica binoculars as her favorite possession. She lives with two black labs, Wyatt and Emma; three cats, Bodhi, Irie and Shy; and two parakeets, Oliver and Sunny.

Rosalie Borg

Rosalie Borg, Operations Manager

Rosalie is a hiker and adventurer who plans to someday hike the entire 211-mile John Muir Trail. Her favorite color is purple, and she owns an extensive collection of amethyst glass to prove it. Rosalie is the mother of three grown children and one calico cat. If she could be any animal, she’d be a grizzly bear so she could live in the mountains and eat her fill of salmon.

Beau Bulick

Beau Bulick, Lead Counselor

Going on seven years at Cascade Pet Camp, Beau has a hand in pretty much everything that goes on here. His own dogs — Kaelin, a prissy golden retriever, and Rambo, a happy-go-lucky lab rescue — are expert guilt-trippers who pout whenever he leaves home without them. Beau loves travel, video games and country music. He thinks being a dragon would be amazing.

Sarah Dethman

Sarah Dethman, Assistant Camp Counselor

Sarah’s professional experience includes training diabetes alert dogs. She lives with her best friend, Daisy, a chocolate lab, and a cat named Zipper. Sarah loves baking, considers herself a thrill seeker, and hopes to someday meet Ellen Degeneres. If Sarah could be any animal, she’d be a giraffe.

Greg Gilbert

Greg Gilbert, Camp Greeter

Greg studied geography at University of Oregon. No wonder he loves maps. He’s also into baseball, camping and bicycle riding. Greg’s 5-year-old “Frenchbo” is half Boston Terrier, half French Bulldog and totally obsessed with fetching tennis balls.

Emily Leslie

Emily Leslie, Certified Pet Groomer

Emily was studying to become a vet tech but woke up one morning and decided she wanted to be a groomer instead. She earned her certification at the Oregon Pet Grooming Academy and later interned at a vet clinic. Emily loves chocolate and aspires to see the Northern Lights. Her cat, Chester, thinks he’s a dog.

Fabian Perez

Fabian Perez, Camp Counselor

Fabian has been taking care of dogs professionally since 2009. Fabian rarely does anything without his dogs, Princess Leia and Queen Eleanor, by his side. He loves pizza, hiking, football and baseball and dreams of living with his pets in a tiny home in the Rocky Mountains.

Brad Amer

Brad Amer, Facilities Manager

Brad has been with Cascade Pet Camp since it opened in 2005. A lifelong dog lover, he’s partial to Border Terriers. Brad finds his zen in meditation and canoeing. If he could be any animal, he’d be Bigfoot so he could prank hikers.

Stan Loop, Assistant Facilities Manager

Stan was once a photographer in the Navy. He shares his home with a 15-year-old cat, Lucy, who lives such a pampered life Stan wouldn’t mind trading places with her. Stan’s hobby is tinkering, and he hopes someday to build a whole house. He also loves playing hacky sack and sacking out in his comfy Tempurpedic bed.

Melissa Hamre, Lead Camp Counselor

Melissa started a successful dog walking business when she was 11, and her career with animals snowballed from there. She earned a biology degree from the University of Montana, and worked as a small-animal vet tech and raptor rehabilitator. Her personal menagerie includes Birdie, a wiggly border collie, plus a Mustang-cross horse, two cats and three chinchillas.

Kyler Calderon, Camp Tech

Kyler arrived at Cascade Pet Camp from the Home at Last Humane Society in The Dalles, where he worked with animals from intake to adoption. He loves fried chicken, board games and baseball, and he dreams of a super road trip to watch an MLB game in every stadium.

Fiona Starks-Thomson, Groomer

Fiona grew up in a farming family in Scotland watching dogs work with other animals. She’s trained her rescue dog, Layce, to guard her flock of 60 chickens and five geese from hawks and owls. Also in the family: a lab , Patrick; a pig; two cats; a tortoise and a beta fish. Fiona loves hiking, soccer, sushi and crime shows. Someday she’s going skydiving.